Areas Of Service


Dog Grooming

Attention to Detail

I love to use Organic, cruelty free shampoo and use Doterra Essential Oils for aromatherapy to create a calm atmosphere and reduce anxiety and generally create a pleasant smell in the parlour.

Grooming takes approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours depending on breed and condition but I will give you a definite pick up time upon meeting and assessing your dog.

I also offer a pop in service for in between grooms for overgrown eye and bum hair.  I find that this is both helpful for the dogs and myself and is free of charge to existing customers.


Special Needs

Nervous, elderly, or injured

I have a lot of time and patience for all dogs, and find that nervous dogs settle quite quickly with me.  Even so, I do offer 30 minute introduction service for especially nervous dogs for free so that they can come into the parlour and meet me and have enough time to relax, have a treat and a fuss and then leave so that the next time they come to see me they are usually more relaxed.  Their 1st groom will be done with as little fuss as possible.  If this is something you would be interested in please don't hesitate to have a chat about your dog's special needs and I will try my best to accommodate.

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Puppy Intro

Feet, face and a bath

This is a fantastic opportunity to introduce your puppy to grooming early on to enable a smooth grooming life for your dog.  The groom usually consists of having their feet, face and bum area trimmed as well as a bath.  This is ideal for young pups to adapt to being groomed and a perfect opportunity to find out what tools you will need to continue with their grooming needs at home.  I recommend that pups have 3 sessions before having a full groom.

Pick up and drop off available.  Please call for a quote. 



  • Bath and Tidy from £20

  • Bath and Groom from £30

  • Full Groom including nails trimmed from £30

  • Puppy Introduction from £15

  • A Free "Nervous Introduction"

  • Nails clipped £10

  • Eyes and Bum area cleared Free

  • Pick up and Drop off from £10

  • Madra Mor Deshedding Clay Bath from £10

  • Blueberry Facials £5


Something Special

Extra treats and care for your dog

Madra Mór Clay Bath

This clay mud bath will safely relieve your dog's excess shedding and soothe their dry skin. It works by treating clogged hair follicles, removing loose fur and releasing their undercoat.

I especially love this product because it is made with hypoallergenic, all natural ingredients like: 

  • Aloe Vera - soothing and cooling 

  • Borage oil - an omega fatty essential acid 

  • Rice Bran oil - rich in antioxidants and Vit E (great for skin!) 

  • Along with B3 (skin regeneration), B5 (shiny coat!), Multifruit BSC (gentle exfoliant), and other hydrating ingredients 

Prices start from just £10

Blueberry Facial

This facial will not only leave your pup feeling like the most pampered pooch in town, but it refreshes the fur and skin around his face and leaves him smelling as fresh as a blueberry! 

This is good for light coloured breeds, prone to tear staining  or discolouration, or for particularly inquisitive hounds who seem to get their noses stuck into everything! 

  • Mild facial cleanser and scrub

  • Only completely natural ingredients used

  • Deep cleaning, yet gentle on skin. Removes dirt and tear stains. 

  • Refreshing blend of vanilla and blueberry 

Just £5! - great extra treat for light coloured breeds